Human Resources Strategy

The CoR is one place of work in all its diversity and has set itself a human resources policy up to 2025. The vision of the CoR aims to ensure that activities are characterised by professionalism and proactivity. The CoR is set to be a living and entertaining place to work with strong attractions for talented and ambitious people of all ages working for the city.

Human Resources Strategy Guiding Principles

Four guiding principles will shape and direct human resources activities for the next five years. They are human-friendly, consistent, trustworthy and clever.


  • The CoR meets the ever-changing needs of the workplace and workers. We take responsibility and minimize waste to improve service and the city's community. All emphasis is placed on ensuring that staff have equal status and are given equal opportunities.


  • The CoR is one place of work in all its diversity. This is reflected in the city's consistent HR procedures and processes, strong team spirit, and short lead times.


  • The City of
    Reykjavik has a reputation for workforce health and well-being, which translates into increased satisfaction and improved service to the city's citizens. Employees are provided with a safe environment and mutual respect is in place in all interactions.


  • The CoR is an advanced workplace that encourages interdisciplinary career development. By looking to the future, city teams are collectively working to address challenges and seize opportunities when they arise.

With the four guiding principles in mind, as a single workplace, we are embracing the future, focusing on cross-sectoral collaboration and short courier routes. In this way, the CoR will become a human-friendly, consistent, solid and smart workplace, characterised by diversity, a strong culture, flexibility and solidarity.

CoR Human Resources Strategy until 2025

The preferred situation in 2025 is that the CoR's activities are characterised by professionalism, proactivity and the use of technological developments. This will make the city a living and enjoyable place to work.