Land and land leases

Plots with building rights for single-family houses, townhomes, couple houses and duplexes, as well as plots for professional housing are available. The City of Reykjavik concludes land lease agreements for the lease of land owned by the City with the landowners.

Land - building rights for sale

The mayor's office and the city secretary are responsible for the sale of building rights. *Email Address

Condominium plots

The City of Reykjavik offers land for sale at a fixed price in accordance with the approved by the City Council on May 8, 2014. Lots are offered in Wolf Valley, Reynisvatnás, Blesugró and Lambaseli.

Professional Housing Lots

The CoR offers land for professional activities. Click on an option below and view the available lots.

Land leases

Land leases are contracts concluded by the City of Reykjavik for the lease of land owned by them. Landowners are all parliamentary property owners on the relevant land plot. More about home care