There are about 80 kindergartens, both city-run and self-employed, where more than 6 000 children stay. Specially equipped infant wards are used in many schools. Specially equipped infant wards are used in many schools. The kindergarten is the first stage of school, where the children creatively learn everything between heaven and earth, and most importantly, to work together.

You can apply for the kindergarten that best suits you and your child. It doesn't necessarily have to be a kindergarten closest to your home.

Getting started in kindergarten

Each kindergarten marks its own particularities. Some focus on communication, reading or writing, others on mathematics, nature and environmental issues. It is important that parents, through their presence, participate in the child's adaptation in kindergarten. More about home care

Kindergarten admission

You can apply for kindergarten from the date of birth of a child. Children are listed on the waiting list at the age of one year and ranked by age. It is assumed that children who have reached the age of 18 months on 1 September will receive an invitation to save for preschool stays in the same autumn. City kindergartens are generally open from 7:30am-4:30pm and the child can be at school for 4–9½ hours a day.