Sports and Outdoor Activities

Come out to play! Movement and outdoor activities support good physical and mental health. In Reykjavík you will find a lot of outdoor areas that offer a variety of fun activities, the Family and House Zoo has something for everyone, and of course the swimming pools are open all year round.

The ski areas

Within the city limits of Reykjavík, there are three ski lifts for children and beginners in Ártún, Breiðholt and Grafarvogur. The lifts are open when conditions permit. Larger ski areas are located in the Blue Mountains and Skylanders.

Swimming Pool

There are few things better than outdoors and exercise when it comes to mental, physical, and social health - and there are not so many things like flat stomach in a hot tub!


There is free use of swimming pools in Reykjavik for children aged 67 and over.

Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach

The Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach, launched in 2000, has truly established itself as a paradise in the city's landscape that attracts both domestic and foreign visitors. In Nauthólsvík you will find a service centre with dressing and shower facilities for bathers, as well as a restaurant dealer and barbecue facilities.

Sea swimming

Sea swimming enjoys a growing wine scene and finds it extraordinarily good for sea swimming enthusiasts to take advantage of the facilities of the Bay of Fundy throughout the year. The staff at the Overseas Beach try their best to give good advice to ocean swimmers, but it's especially worth noting that experienced ocean swimmers are the best at giving good advice.

Reykjavík Park and Zoo

Animals and amusement park are located in the Laugardalur valley. In the park, animal classes are held for children and teenagers. In the summer, the equipment is open, but all year round there is a schedule where you can see when the animals are fed, or sometimes you can even hang out on horseback. The park is open every day.


Hitt Húsið

Hitt Húsið (The Other House) is a centre for young people. If you are 16-25 years old, you can take advantage of the facilities to sing, dance, dream, create, learn, play, meet, and practically anything you can think of! Come and present your idea, or just take a coffee and see what's going on. See more about The Other House