Sports and Outdoor Activities

In the city's neighborhoods, ITR provides a range of services geared towards the city's free time. It includes swimming pools, sports centres, skateboard parks and artificial turf fields.

About the range

Nonetheless, neighborhood-specific activities include The Other House, Yl Beach, Family and House Zoo, Swimming Pools, and Ski Resorts.

The ITC carries out extensive partnerships with stakeholders in sports and youth activities, provides grants to partners and strengthens the participation of children and adolescents in their activities through the Recreation Card.

The potential of CoR residents for entertaining recreation is very high and all age groups should be able to find something for themselves. The ITC is committed to sharing information on such activities in a straightforward manner, whether on behalf of the ITC or other city agencies. Particular attention is paid to promoting the potential of children and adolescents in the city's neighbourhoods.

The office is in Borgartún 12-14 and is open weekdays at 08:30-16:00.

Phone Number: The Principal Office has professional offices for finance, sports, human resources and information technology and is responsible for the field operations and administration and the agencies under it.

The Principal Office for Sport and Recreation carries out archiving, meeting invitations and the keeping of minutes for the Culture, Sport and Recreation Councils and is responsible for the implementation of the Council's decisions.

The site manager is Omar Einarsson.