Kindergarten admission


You apply to the city's public kindergartens electronically. If you are going to apply for a self-employed kindergarten for your child, you will do so at the school itself. Please note that the condition of a child's kindergarten stay is that his/her legal residence and permanent residence are in Reykjavik and that parents are not in default with the school and recreation areas.

You also apply electronically for a change in the period of stay.

When is it possible to apply for a kindergarten?

Children are listed on the waiting list at the age of one year and ranked by age. You can apply for kindergarten from the date of birth of a child.

Sometimes circumstances change – that's why you can apply for a change in your child's time of stay.

You apply electronically for a change in the period of stay.

Please note that the change is always based on the 1st or 15th of each month and that the notice period for playgrounds is one month. Change dwell time

Transfer between kindergartens

Transportation between city kindergartens is applied for electronically. Keep in mind that a transfer must be applied for by the end of February, because most of the playgrounds for autumn are allocated in the month of March. See more about moving between kindergartens

Need help applying?

Stop by one of the city's service centres or the Reykjavik City Customer Service in Borgartún 12-14.

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