Grandaskoli School

Primary School

Keilugrandi 12
107 Reykjavik


Grandaskoli School has grades 1-7. Grades 8-10 go to Hagaskoli School.

Principal: Orn Halldorsson.

The school has the after-school center Undraland (Land of Wonder), Frostheimar (World of Frost) is a joint after-school center for students in grades 3-4, and the youth center Frosti (Frosty) is for the oldest students in the school.

Grandaskoli School is the district school for residents of the following streets:

  • Aflagrandi
  • Alagrandi
  • Barugrandi
  • Bodagrandi
  • Fjorugrandi
  • Flydrugrandi
  • Framnesvegur from 60-68 and 55-65
  • Frostaskjol
  • Granaskjol
  • Grandavegur
  • Hringbraut from 95 (odd numbers)
  • Kaplaskjolsvegur from 27
  • Keilugrandi
  • Lagholtsvegur
  • Meistaravellir
  • Nesvegur from 41-82
  • Rekagrandi
  • Seilugrandi
  • Skeljagrandi
  • Sorlaskjol from 44
  • Oldugrandi

Please note that the school district boundary between Grandaskoli School and Melaskoli School will be moved and new students on the street Meistaravellir will be in the school district of Grandaskoli at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. The change does not affect students who already go to Grandaskoli School and Melaskoli School. Parents who are legally resident in streets moving between school districts at the time of the transition can choose either school and their children have priority in both schools until the end of the 2017-2018 school year.