Recreational Activities

Children and adults sail on boats at the Reykjavik Family Park & Zoo

The CoR's recreational activities focus on safety and well-being. Children's and adolescents' self-image, social skills, caring, engagement and participation are worked out. The recreational activities also focus on prevention, education and fun. The recreational activities take place in recreational homes, community centres and specific community centres in the city's neighborhoods.

Recreational Centres

The five recreational centres carry out children's and adolescents' activities. The five recreation centres provide child and adolescent care. They are responsible for the functioning of recreational homes for 6–9 year olds and community centres for 10–16 year olds. They also participate in neighborhood partnerships, host events, and provide all kinds of facilities for neighborhood residents. The youth councils work on the premises of the recreation centres

Recreational Homes

The Recreational Homes work at all the city's primary schools and there is a program for 6–9 year olds. Children can stay in recreational homes from the end of the school day until 5 p.m. Afternoon refreshments, fruits, vegetables, bread and healthy drinks are provided. Community centers in provide a variety of social activities for 10–16 year olds and teenagers.

The Leisure Card

The Recreation Card is a leisure activity grant system for 6-18 year olds and adolescents with legal residence in Reykjavik. The donation is $50,000 a year, and you can use it to pay off some of your child's attendance and exercise fees.