Implementation horizon

You will find on the map all the city's main activities and the permits that have been issued for use in the city's land.

How does an Executive Monitor work?

By selecting a field on the map, you will provide a more detailed description of the work and, in many cases, also a reference to an information page.

For most of the CoR's work, specific information pages detailing the work and its progress are drawn up.

All information pages have specific project contacts, and we encourage you to reach out to them if you need more information or if you have tips on how to use the site. Advance notice is given that individual projects in the Implementation horizon may undergo changes.

The Project Managers for Commissioning and Maintenance, the Land Information Department, the Disposal Department and the Information Officer maintain the Implementation See. It was originally launched in 2011, following on from employee brainstorming to improve project dissemination. Since then, she has undergone changes for improvement.


We're aware that it needs continual improvement and are happy to accept your feedback to