Home Support - Fee Schedule

Article 1

Fee Amount:

The hourly fee during business hours for home care services in the form of home cleaning is ISK 1.345.-.

Services in excess of six hours of work per month per home are free of charge.

Other social home care services, i.e. daytime care services and evening and weekend care services are free of charge.

Article 2

Exemption from payment/reduction of payment:

Exempt from the obligation to pay fees are those users who only earn according to the National Social Security contribution criterion or who are covered by it.

Those users of home care services who earn an income in excess of the income from the National Insurance Institute or the equivalent never pay an amount for services that exceeds 50% of the excess income.

Article 3

Entry into force:

This bill of exchange is established and is established on the basis of article 25 of the Act on the Issues of Older Persons, No. 125/1999.

This bill of exchange shall become effective on January 1, 2022 and shall also terminate the earlier bill of exchange of the same subject matter.