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The Department of Services and Innovation, also known as Thon, is one of the three core areas of the CoR. The Department of Services and Innovation is one of the three core areas of the CoR. The main function of the field is to take care of the CoR's internal and external services and to promote innovation in its activities.

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Thon operates across the city's disciplines and is responsible for forming a bureaucratic burden,benefitingjo erosion, newerosion, technicalbureaucratic bureaucracy andconsolidation. The field leads to the introductionofthe CoR'scurrent policy on urban development and is responsible fortheoperationofbuildings. The field plays a key role in coordinating the technical,data, financial andoperational aspects ofthe city of Reykjavik and is available to the city for professional advice in the sector. The Service and Innovation sector is divided into five offices which, together with the Sector Manager's office, all perform different service roles but still form one strong whole. The field is also responsible for the operation of the Reykjavik City Archives, which operates according to the CoR's statutes and regulations. The field then carries out innovative projects in the interests of city residents, city research services and digital privacy. Responsible for the operation, implementation and strategic planning of the field, as well as quality issues and follow-up of decisions dealing with the service and innovation caseload. The Registrar is Karen Maria Jónsdóttir.


is responsible

for the electrification of service processes within the city, web issues and digital transformation. Responsible for the electrification of service processes within the city, web issues and digital transformation. Within Digital, three teams are operational; a project office, a web team and a development team, working tightly with other units of the field on all kinds of projects. The head of the office is Þöstur Sigurðsson.

Responsible for the CoR's coordinated front-line services, customer service operations and tip web operations. In this case, the Office is responsible for the introduction of a service policy. In this case, the Office is responsible for the introduction of a service policy. The implementation of the project is carried out through a wide variety of activities within the program design project room and with the Greenhouse, a program design workshop for city staff.

The Registrar is Arna Ýr Sævarsdóttir. Responsible for data management and utilization of data in city operations. Information and Documentation Management manages the documentation affairs of the central administration and sector offices based in Borgartún 12-14 and in Reykjavik City Hall.


office manager is Oscar Þór Þráinsson Information


Services is responsible for the operation of the IT infrastructure and software development of value-added products for the CoR's field as well as for relations and agreements with suppliers. The office is divided into three divisions: technical services, technology operations and systems solutions, as well as support services. The Registrar is Peace Thief Bergmann. The Directorate-General for Documentation at the CoR is responsible for documentary safeguards and documents management for supervisory entities. The city archivist is Swanhildur Bogadóttir.

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The development of city services is being pursued on the basis of existing service policies. The CoR's services are designed and organised in terms of the needs and perspectives of their users. Information about the city's services is accessible and shared in a variety of ways. The city's image is enhanced by targeted information sharing, as well as increased use and sharing of data. The City's frontline services are consistent, and every effort is made to ensure that the user case is addressed in a first contact process that is simple and secure. Information systems continue to be developed on the basis of scarce technological innovations and digital transformations. Work is underway to simplify the organisation of systems, processes and increase interoperability. New ways of solving challenges are being sought in the functioning of the city. In partnership with entrepreneurs, we prepare the smart city of and use data for development and innovation. Automated administration simplifies application processes and access to city services. Increased automation will help reduce waste in the system, economy and simplification. Our work and environment are structured in a way that fosters strong teamwork and innovation. Targeted work is carried out across modules across all projects to maximize value for service users. We share knowledge, guide and act as pioneers and influencers. City staff are thus supported in adapting to new cultures, new methods and new ways of thinking.

Continuous Feedback

Our practices are under constant review, and we identify opportunities to do better. Feedback and continuous improvement characterize all our jobs.


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further information and inquiries, please email Tips relating to services can be sent via the tips website of the CoR.

Reykjavik City Customer Service is located in Borgartún 12-14. Opening hours are from 8:20-16:15 every working day. Customer service phone is 411-1111. The site manager is Oskar J. Sandholt.