Construction Blueprints


All main drawings of houses can be found on the city's drawing site.  At the CoR's Borgartún 12–14 customer service, drawings are available in full size. Special hard copies, such as track and load resistance drawings, are not available on the drawing site, but copies can be obtained from the server.

Documentation in the custody of the construction supervisor

All documents in the custody of the Office of the Building Supervisor, which have been formally dealt with, are official documents and are available to the public. This includes drawings of human activities within the city.

Under the Information Act, public access to data may be restricted when it is required by an important public interest, although it has the effect of storing state security or defence information. The public is therefore not granted access to the drawings of that nature.

Where can I find drawings of houses in Reykjavik?

To get master drawings of houses, go directly to the Blueprint Archive. It enters the address and house number and the relevant drawings are selected. Note that an address can contain more than one number, for example, in a multiplex or townhouse, then you need to enter a number from - to (for example, Borgartún 8 - 16). Alternatively, go to Advanced Search and enter other and/or additional parameters, such as country code or description. In order to access special features, such as load tolerance and layer drawings, please refer to the CoR's Customer Service Department, Borgartún 12–14. Drawing delivery is open at 08:30–15:00 every weekday

Drawing delivery

At City Services, drawings are available in full size.

Drawing delivery is open weekdays from 8.30–15.00
CoR Customer Service 12–14

Inquiries can be made to or by contacting us at 411 1111.