Declaration of transfer of ownership

A declaration of ownership is a statutory written deed for the division of a multi-storey building. It is made on the basis of a multi-storey building law and contains a description of the house and its land. It recommends the division of the house into private property, the common property of all, and the common property of some. It also specifies each owner's share of joint ownership and marks a basis by which the rights and obligations of the owners can be enshrined and enforced against the individual parts of a house and a land.

Before applying

A declaration of ownership of multi-storey buildings and their land shall be made in the absence of a ratified and sufficient declaration of exchange. In the declaration of transfer of ownership, the division of a house is to be clearly stated, specifying what belongs to each shareholding, whether it is a private property, a joint property of all or a joint property of some. See more information before applying for a Permit to Use

Who is allowed to make a property transfer declaration?

They alone may undertake to make property transfer declarations that meet the statutory condition and have been authorised to do so by the Minister of Social Affairs.


Process of application

All declarations of ownership must be verified by the construction supervisor and his/her signature is a condition for ratification. The confirmation of the Building Supervisor is made with a dated signature, his/her naming stamp and office stamp on at least three copies of the Property Transfer Declaration. The Building Authority's signature includes the acknowledgement of receipt of the Property Transfer Declaration, that it has been reviewed and complies with the regulations and the Multi-Family Houses Act and the existing approved building permit documentation at his office.


do I get a property transfer declaration issued?

The construction supervisor will deal with the property transfer declaration as soon as possible, all of which are equally within two weeks of receiving it. In case of complex and extensive property transfer statements, the construction worker can take on a longer delivery period, but not exceeding four weeks. The same applies when significant proceeds from a transfer of ownership and its accompanying documents call for a longer delivery period, as well as when the explanations of the author of a transfer of ownership have to be awaited. See more about the Asset Transfer Declaration issued