Construction Supervisor

Construction works on the basis of the Manpower Code, the Building Code and the adoption of the Civil Code on civil deliveries by construction workers.

Construction has a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Telephone and interview appointments

Time orders for milestone evaluations will be processed by noon via phone 411-1111 every working day at 8:30–9:30 and at 11:00-12:00.
Telephone hours and time orders for requests for safety and final evaluations and the issuance of building permits are made every working day between 8:30–9:30 and at 11:00-12:00.
The telephone hours for building permit applications are every working day except Friday at 15:00–16:00 and interview hours on Wednesdays at 08:30–11:30 and 13:30–15:00 on Mondays and Thursdays at 08:30–10:00 and 13:30–15:00.
Telephone hours for property transfer declarations and property registration are every working day at 8:30–9:30 and interview sessions every weekday at 11:00-12:00.
The settlement of drawings and the receipt of applications to the Construction Supervisor is in the CoR's Customer Service Department, Borgartún 12–14 between 08:20–16:00 every weekday


of the Construction Supervisor

General Inquiries and Tips

In order to improve the services of the Office of the Construction Supervisor, all tips and comments are well understood.

Enquiries and tips can be sent to the construction coordinator's email address: