Job Evaluation


The job evaluation system is an analytical tool that is used to systematically assess the requirements that jobs place on staff.

The job evaluation is:


  • method for a consistent assessment of different jobs a
  • method for making the
    assumptions of salary determinations more visible a method for making the rationale behind salary determinations clearer a way of determining the same salary for comparable or equally valuable jobs The system is based on objective criteria used to compare jobs according to the requirements of the jobs, regardless of the qualifications of the people they work for.

The objective of job evaluation is to ensure that employees are remunerated using as objective and subjective a method as possible, and to result in jobs being ranked in terms of base salary so that they are the same for jobs that are assessed to be equally demanding, regardless of job position, trade union or gender. Job Evaluation is not:


  • assessing the personal competence of employees in employment,
    assessing the performance of employees in employment, and assessing the performance of employees in employment, it is important to note that job evaluation only assesses the basic requirements for employment and not the individual competence of employees.

In other words, it assesses what are the requirements for an employee in a given job. Individual competences are not assessed, even if competences or abilities directly or indirectly affect job performance.

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