Staff Benefits

As a general rule, when staff are recruited from the City of Reykjavik, the immediate supervisor will review the benets available to staff.

Free swimming with the IDR card

The IDR card provides free access to Árbæjarlaug, Breiðholtslaug, Grafarvogslaug, Laugardalslaug, Reykjavik Sundhöll and Vesturbæjarlaug.

The card can be applied for after one month of employment as long as the employee has a 3-month employment contract at a fixed monthly salary or a 6-month term.


Library cards and free collections on the cultural map with

The Culture Pass gives free access to all of Reykjavik City’s main museums. The map provides access to Kjarvalstaðir, the Harbour House, the Ascension Museum, the Aarhus Museum, the Landtags Exhibition, the Reykjavik Photographic Museum, the Maritime Museum and all branches of the City Library.

The cultural card can be applied for after one month of employment, as long as the employee has a fixed monthly salary of 3 months or an hourly wage of 6 months.


Transport contract and bus map

Employees who do not travel by private car to work are entitled to apply for a transport allowance and may also apply for a 12-month bus pass at the price of a 9-month pass.


Health Promotion Grant

Once you have worked for 6 months, you are eligible for a fitness allowance. Those who are full-time can receive 16,000 DKK annually as a subsidy towards fitness and wellness payments.

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