Employment and Human Resources


Reykjavik City is both the largest municipality and the workplace in the country. We employ over 10,000 people in over 300 different locations. Our mission is to be a workplace with attractions for talented and ambitious people working for the city.

What's it like to work at the CoR?

The CoR employs around 10,000 people divided into eight core areas, each with its own characteristics and focus. As a result, employment opportunities at the city are both exceptionally diverse and exciting. In short, we have something for everyone, regardless of education, background and previous jobs.

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Human Resources Strategy

The CoR is one place of work in all its diversity and has set itself a human resources policy up to 2025. The vision of the CoR aims to ensure that activities are characterised by professionalism and proactivity. The CoR is set to be a living and entertaining place to work with strong attractions for talented and ambitious people of all ages working for the city.

Equal Remuneration Policy

The CoR's equal pay policy covers all city staff. CoR staff shall enjoy equal pay and the same preferences for the same and/or equally valuable jobs. There shall be no unexplained gender pay gap.

Better working hours

Improved workplace culture and better use of working time are among the main objectives of the shortening of working time. The prerequisite for a shortening of working hours for day workers is a conversation about better working hours at each place of employment. The implementation takes into account the functions of each site and can therefore be different between sites.


What is bullying?

Job evaluation is an analytical tool used to systematically assess job content and job requirements. Job evaluation thus creates objective criteria for the basic hierarchy of jobs. Job evaluation thus creates objective criteria for the basic hierarchy of jobs. The assumptions of salary decisions based on job evaluation are clear, visible and accessible to staff.