Aevintyraborg Preschool on Nautholsvegur

About the preschool

Aevintyraborg (Adventure City) Preschool on Nautholsvegur 81 is a six-division preschool where around 100 children will play and learn. The location of the school means that preschool will be based on outdoor play and outdoor education. Oskjuhlid should become a venue for research and outdoor teaching. The school is scheduled to be ready in September and operations should begin in October 2022.

City of Reykjavik preschools follow the National Preschool Curriculum with reference to the Reykjavik City Education Policy. It focuses on encouraging children's discovery and play and making them active participants in a democratic society.

Preschool Director: Birna Bjarkardottir.

*Please note that project completion dates may change, as factors such as access to resources, the consequences of the pandemic, and global hostilities may affect the construction progress. Furthermore, recruitment may affect the timing regarding children's admission.


Aevintyraborg Preschool on Nautholsvegur operates in the spirit of Reggio Emilia's philosophy. The objective is to encourage children to use all their senses and work in a targeted manner to activate original and creative thinking.

The core idea is for children to grow through experimentation, so that they have the opportunity to use their talents to become creative, critical, and independent individuals in today's society. There is an emphasis on teachers writing down the discoveries and ideas of the children.

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