Aevintyraborg Preschool on Eggertsgata


Eggertsgata 35
102 Reykjavik

Aevintyraborg Preschool at Eggertsgata

About the preschool

Aevintyraborg (Adventure City) Preschool on Eggertsgata 35 is a preschool for 85 children that started operations in March 2022. The preschool is housed in two buildings for children aged between one and six years old, with each year in its own division. The preschool is located in the heart of Reykjavik, a short distance from a variety of fun places such as the Nordic House, Hljomskalagardur Park, the city center, and the shoreline.

City of Reykjavik preschools follow the National Preschool Curriculum with reference to the Reykjavik City Education Policy. It focuses on encouraging children's discovery and play and making them active participants in a democratic society.

Preschool director: Kristin Petrina Petursdottir. 


Aevintyraborg Preschool at Eggertsgata operates in the spirit of Reggio Emilia's philosophy and Caroline Pratt's conception of wooden blocks. The emphasis is on learning through play, creation, literacy, children's rights, and environmental education. Each child is seen as unique and having a lot to offer.

A wide variety of methods are used to make the children experience the world, understand it, and perceive it in a hundred different ways. We use creative environments that drive discovery learning and experiences with a focus on open subjects. Open subjects are topics or things that do not have a predetermined role or outcome and that drive children's creativity.

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