Borgarvefsjá - English manual

LUKR and Borgarvefsjá

The Borgarvefsjá ("City Webview", is a tool for the public to get maps and information out of LUKR and connected databases.

LUKR is an abbreviation for Landupplýsingakerfi Reykjavíkur (The Land Information System of the Reykjavík Area). This is a joint GIS-system of the municipal technical departments of the city of Reykjavik, plus the state owned Telecommunications of Iceland, including the entire public utilities systems in Reykjavik, like cold water, hot/geothermal water, electricity, telecommunication, sewage, buildings, street curbs, street centerlines, parcel boundaries, coastal lines with lakes and rivers, contour lines etc. The project was started in 1988. The LUKR-system covers the Reykjavik municipality area of 270 km2, including an urban area of 45 km2. Besides, six smaller surrounding municipalities are included in the GIS-system and partly also their public utilities systems. The total population of the Greater Reykjavik urban area is about 202.000 inhabitants, thereof about 120.000 reside in the City of Reykjavik.

The buildings and lots in LUKR are connected to corresponding records in the Building Inspector's database and the National Real Estate Registry, which on the other hand has connections to the National Population Registry, thus enabling assigned employees of the city to make sophisticated queries concerning demography, value etc. of areas of interest, but these options are yet only available to a certain extent in the Borgarvefsjá.

All texts are in Icelandic but below the list of themes and options has been translated into English, and also the "hot links" at the initial text page and the tool tips for the buttons at the upper edge of the initial map page.

The bottom line: E-mail of the supervisor of Borgarvefsjá,

Tool tips for the buttons on the initial map page, from left to the right:

1. Initial map
2. Pan
3. Search (for the selected address or street)
4. Zoom in
5. Length and area measurement
6. Storage for frequently used addresses
7. Printing map from a new browser window
8. Search for information ("Meira")
9. Help

Buttons at the upper, left corner of the initial map:

Open the theme list window
Getting back the last vector map
Getting the newest aerial, rectified photomaps of Reykjavík
Getting information from the Borgarvefsjá:

For getting information from a theme the user must first check in the checkbox of that theme in the theme list, then get the correct pointer by pressing the button nr. 7 ("Meira") and then click on the theme feature. Then a window appears with the wanted information. If more than one theme is found on the spot of interest an arrowhead at the top of window opens another window where the user can select the desired theme.

Theme list, Oct. 2008:

Á döfinni: - Happenings:
(Áramótabrennur) - (New year bonfires)

Borgarskipting: - Administration zones:

Hverfaskipting - Neighbourhood units
Hverfahlutar - Neighbourhood sub-units
Grunnskólaskipting - Elementary school districts
Póstnúmer - Postal zones/Zip codes
Staðgreinir - Geocode system

Götur og stígar: - Streets and pathways:

Bekkir - Benches
Gatnateikningar - Street drawings
Gámar - Garbage containers
Götukantar - Street curblines
Götulýsing - Street lighting
Götur-miðlínur - Street centerlines
Götur-upphitun - Street heating
Reiðstígar - Ride paths
Ruslastampar - Waste baskets
Snjóhreinsun gatna - Street snow cleansing
Stígar og gönguslóðir - Pathways and paths

Hús og lóðir: - Buildings and lots:

Hús - Buildings
Húsnúmer - Building numbers
Útlínur húsa - Building contours
Hæðarblöð - Lot maps with elevations
Íbúar - Number of residents
Lausar lóðir - Empty lots
Lóðamörk - Boundaries of lots
Lóðir - Lots
Mæliblöð - Lot maps with coordinates

Lagnir: - Public utilities:

Borholur - Boreholes, geothermal or cold water
Brunahanar - Fire hydrants, Reykjavík Energy
Fráveita - Sewage system
Fráveitubrunnar - Sewage manholes
Heitt vatn - Geothermal/hot water system
Kalt vatn - Cold water system
Ljósleiðaranet - Telecommunication system
Rafdreifistöðvar - Substations and Distribution stations
Rafmagn, háspenna - Electric system, high voltage
Rafmagn, lágspenna - Electric system, low voltage
Tengiskápar - Underground cable cabinets
Síminn - Telecommunication system (Míla ltd.)

Minjavernd: - Relics preservation:

Fornleifar - Old relics
Friðuð hús - Buildings protected by law
Friðunartillögur - Proposal for protection
Hús byggð f. 1918 - Buildings erected before 1918
Saga húsa - History of buildings
Vernd 20. aldar húsa - Preservation of 20th century buildings
Verndun götumynda - Preservation of street shape

Myndefni: - Illustrative material:

Lágfl.loftm. 21/6 08 - Ortho photos, low altitude, June 21, 2008
Lágfl.loftm. 15/7 07 - Ortho photos, low altitude, July 15, 2007
Lágfl.loftm. 7/7 06 - Ortho photos, low altitude, July 7, 2006
Lágfl.loftm. 22/7 05 - Ortho photos, low altitude, July 22, 2005
Lágfl.loftm. 18/7 04 - Ortho photos, low altitude, July 18, 2004
Lágfl.loftm. 00-02 - Ortho photos, low altitude, 2000-2002
Millifl.loftm. 2005 - Ortho phtos, middle altitude, year 2005
Háflugsloftm. 2005 - Ortho photos, high altitude, year 2005
Háflugsloftm. 2000 - Ortho photos, high altitude, year 2000
Hringmyndir 2000 - Panorama photos, year 2000

Mælipunktar: - Surveying points

Fastmerki - Plane control points
Hæðarmerki - Benchmarks

Náttúrufar: - Nature:

Grunnmynd - Base maps
Hitafar - Temperature measurements
Hæðarlínur - Contour lines
Jarðskjálftahröðun - Earthquake acceleration
Jarðskjálftahönnun - Earthquake design zoning
Úrkoma - Precipitation
Vatnsvernd - Water protection
Vindrósir - Wind measurements

Saga og þróun: - History and evolution:

Lögbýli í Rvk. 1703 - Farms in the R. area 1703
Reykjavík árið 1902 - Reykjavík in the year 1902
Samanburður v. 1902 - Comparition with R. 1902
Reykjavík árið 1947 - Reykjavík in the year 1947
Rvk. - vestur 1954 - Reykjavík in the year 1954
Strönd 1900, 2024 - Coastal lines 1900, 2024
Þróun lögsögu Rvk - Evolution of the R. juridictional boundaries

Svæðisskipulag: - Reykjavík District Plan:

Aldursdreifing - Age distribution
Byggðasvæði - Urban areas
Fjöldi fyrirtækja - Number of businesses
Gólfflötur fyrirtækja - Floor area of businesses
Húsaupplýsingar - Building information

Íþróttir: - Sports:

Íþróttahús - Gymnasiums
Sundlaugar - Swimming pools
Íþróttaaðstaða - Sport facilities

Umferð og aðgengi: - Traffic and accessibility:

Aðgengi fatlaðra - Accessibility for disabled persons
Einstefnugötur - One way streets
Gönguljós - Pedestrian lights
Götumálning- línur - Street painting - lines
Götumálning - merkingar - Streetpainting – marks
Hámarkshraði - Max. traffic speed
Hraðahindranir - Traffic humps
Sniðtalningar - Traffic counts
Umferðarljós - Traffic lights

Þjónusta: - Services:

Bílastæðahús - Parking house
Félagsþjónusta - Social services (municipal)
Grunnskólar - Elementary schools
Hverfisbækistöð - Neighbourhood Service Centre (municipal)
Íþróttamannvirki - Sport facility
Leikskólar - Kindergartens/Pre-schools
Menningarstofnanir - Cultural institutes (municipal)

Þungamiðjur búsetu: - Central points of residence:

Búseta á höfuðb.svæði - Residence in the Reykjavík District
Búseta í Reykjavík - Residence in the community of Reykjavík


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